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September 7th, 2008, 09:44 AM
I am using Xubuntu (UserOS Home Server 8.04) to share files with Windows. It doesn't let me write to the disk through a Windows computer. These are the steps I have taken to do this. Applications > System > Shared Folders. I created the folder I want to share in /home/username/share where share is the folder that I want shared in Windows. Then I opened the containing folder > Properties > Permissions Tab> Others: Read & Write > Recursive? Yes. If Others is set to none, I can't access the folder through Windows. If it is read only, I can only read the disk, just like what situation I am in if I select Read & Write. A link to the snapshot of the properties is at the bottom of the post. I don't seem to be able to get this to work. I have followed the instructions in the October issue of PC User but it doesn't work. Any ideas?

Link to snapshot: http://cybertown.890m.com/snapshot.bmp

Xiong Chiamiov
September 7th, 2008, 08:55 PM
You'll be a lot more likely to get help if you post this over in the Networking forum (http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=336).

September 14th, 2008, 09:22 PM
Try this in a terminal type the following command to change the permissions on the shared folder you made.

sudo chmod 0777 /home/username/share

Are you using samba to share files with windows, if so there is an excellent how to in the forums that helps you to set up samba correctly at


its well worth a read and should help you to successfully share files with windows computers.