View Full Version : [gnome] PalmPilot memos merged

September 6th, 2008, 08:48 PM
I wonder if someone can help me solve this problem with copying memo files from my Palm Pilot to my Linux 8.04 system.

I have set the MemoFile conduit action to Copy from PDA
The conduit settings are
Directory Mode 0700
Files Mode 0600
(however I cannot find any information on what these mean).

When I synchronise, all the memo files on the PDA are merged into a single file in the destination directory. This single file has the name:

I can edit the file and split it into its original Palm files.

Here is a typical file on the PDA that I am trying to copy:


Is there something about the format of the file that prevents gnome-pilot from separating the memo files instead of merging them?

Is there anything I should be doing to copy the files properly?

Many thanks for any information which will help me resolve this problem.