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September 6th, 2008, 07:21 AM
Hi folks.

I've just finished my first stab at building a derivative/distro. My colleague needed an OS for his electronics lab that could run a PCB program and be able to print. Also being in a school environment, the Desktop needed to be completely locked down. With the help of a few threads here on this forum, I was able to build a minimal Gnome/Ubuntu OS with a basic user account that is (if I may say so) completely locked down. WAY TO GO FORUMS!!!!

I've learned so much and I've still got a few things I would like to learn/do to improve my little build. At this point I would like to take it to be a basic classroom model for student use. My plan is to have Abiword, Epiphany, and a couple of other programs that are suitable (what I'm not sure of). Also I would like it as light weight as possible. And of course I have some ideas and questions that I hope to get your ideas on.

I chose a minimal Gnome DE as it is supposed to be reasonably light weight, while also having the tools necessary for locking down the Desktop. If I do much the same with KDE and use Kiosktool, will it also be reasonable light weight? Also I would like to make Gnome even more light weight and is considering using a different Window Manager. Will the same tools (Pessulus) work if I use another manager?

I also would consider using a different DE and/or Distro (like DSL or Puppy) if it is fairly easy to again lock down the Desktop. I have done searches and tried a procedure for XFCE with no luck, does anyone have resources that I'm unaware of?

Finally (whew) I would like you thoughts on basic programs to add to this build, remembering that less is more. This build is for basic student use, researching on the web, writing assignments etc. It will have no Flash or Java (to stop kids going to game and video sites). I'm aiming for under 10 programs.

Sorry for the long post, your comments are appreciated.

September 6th, 2008, 03:49 PM
Also another question I had is around kernels. Would it be better to go with an older kernel? I used Hardy Mini.iso disk for my base, I was also wondering if I should use Debian stable release instead?