View Full Version : [ubuntu] E1405 Wi-Fi

September 6th, 2008, 05:33 AM
Alright, I'm a new Ubuntu user. I finally got my wi-fi card working. It's a Broadcom 1390 wlan card. The computer is a Dell Inspiron e1405. The problem is, is that when I restart my computer, I have to go into "Hardware Drivers" and disable and re-enable the driver for the wi-fi light to come on.

Here's what I did to get the card working. I installed ndiswrapper-utils, ndiswrapper common, and ndiswrapper. Using ndiswrapper I installed the bcmwl5.inf driver. Then I blacklisted all of the Broadcom 43xx drivers. After that, the wi-fi light still didnt come on, but under the "Windows Wireless Driver" application, it shows that the driver is working and hardware is present.

Well during all of this I had the computer plugged into the internet, and after I restarted the computer after doing all of the ndiswrapper stuff, in the top corner I find that there is a "driver update" with driver "Broadcom B43" driver. After I installed it, the wi-fi works.

The thing is, is that when I re-start the computer, the driver is "enabled" but to the right of it, it says "not in use." If I disable it and re-enable it, it says "in use."

If this makes sense to anyone, anyone care to help me get this problem figured out so I don't have to keep turning the driver on and off?