View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu Freezes on Install

September 6th, 2008, 04:03 AM
I first downloaded Ubuntu Desktop 8.04 some months ago. I had problems getting the LiveCD to boot and eventually was successful using ISORecorder to burn the CD.
I booted the CD, tried Ubuntu, and then Installed it on a 2Ghz Celeron machine with 768Mb of ram, SB Audacity sound card and Nvidia 5200 video card, WinTV card, and one IDE HD. Runs great. I even installed Ultimate 1.9 and it runs great. I gave this machine to my son.

I am now trying to install ANY version of Ubuntu on my 3Ghz P4 currently running XP MCE. I have 2Gb of ram, an Nvidia 6200 video card, 3 SATA 200Gb hard drives, Realtech Integrated sound card, and WinTV card. I have a Plextor 716A Internal DVD Writer with the latest firmware and a USB External LG DVD Writer.

No matter what version of Ubuntu I download, 8.04 Desktop, Ubuntu Ultimate 1.8 or 1.9, the OS hangs after I choose Run or Install. After it hangs for several minutes, it may display the following:

Preparing Restricted Drivers
Setting System Clock
Starting Basic Networking
Starting Kernel Event Manager
Loading Hardware Drivers

then there are a series of paths displayed ending in Abnormal Exit.

I downloaded and burned new CD's and DVD's, using both the older Plextor Writer and the new LG Writer, and used existing CD's and DVD's that I used on the other machine. Same results.
I booted with Ubuntu Studio and got so far as to Install it on a free HD, but when it Booted off the HD and the Grub Loader came up, I chose Ubuntu and it froze as the status bar started to display the status of the Boot, just like the LiveCD did on Boot.