View Full Version : [ubuntu] Lost my "Home" "/" and "swap" partitions!

September 4th, 2008, 05:44 PM
OK here goes.

I have a 500gb hard drive, all was going well. I had set up 1gb for swap, 6gb for my / and 413 for my home partition. The remaining 80gb I wanted to use for a windows XP install so i can play windows games fast on my new graphics card.

Went to install windows with a copy of Tiny Xp.

It wouldn't deal with the multiple partitions.

So I booted into a program i found on the disk called "part" i ran from command prompt.

I saw an option to make partitions "hidden" I choose that option for my swap, / and home partitions. Thinking windows will just see the 80gb which i could install to, then when im done installing i could go into Ubuntu live CD, see the "windows" hidden partitions and install it all again with my old settings.

I vaguely remember it saying something about saving the MBR thing if that helps?

This was not a good plan.

Now when I live boot from the ubuntu cd all i can see is

386 gb as unallocated

and 79 gb as unknown.

I assume the 386 gb is all my Linux partitions squashed into 1 somehow!

Can anybody help me.. ?

Thank you for all your help.


Found a thread that was posted just 4 minutes previous to me. :)
I installed an awesome program called "testdisk" from the ubuntu live CD.

Brought back all my partitions, worked like a charm!! :)