View Full Version : Fluxbuntu wallpaper

September 4th, 2008, 09:47 AM

I've been looking all over for the original fluxbuntu wallpaper, does anyone have a link och so to it or are there maybe anyone using fluxbuntu who could upload the picture somewhere?

September 4th, 2008, 04:17 PM
I sent you a PM, but here is another tip. If you are using Fluxbox and you want the Fluxbuntu themes, just pop a Fluxbuntu install CD into your drive, navigate to the Pool folder, find the 'fluxbuntu-artwork' package, and double click on it to open it with your package manager. This will give you the wallpaper and Fluxbox theme.

Crafty Kisses
September 5th, 2008, 06:36 AM
There is at deviantart, along with a lot of other good Fluxbuntu wallpapers.