View Full Version : [kubuntu] 8.04 Hardy bootup problems

September 3rd, 2008, 04:57 PM
I'm having a really odd problem with some Kubuntu 8.04 installations on Dell Optiplex GX260's. The installation is fine but sometimes when I power the machines down they don't start up properly afterwards.

I get the kubuntu graphic whilst the system starts but just as the login screen should appear the screen goes black and I can't do anything. The Dell machines have a boot option at start up which allows me to select hard drive if I do this then the system boots as normal.

This problem doesn't happen every time the system starts but it happens which makes it a pain to use especially for a non techie to use.

Any help or feedback from users with similar issues would be good.


September 4th, 2008, 09:52 AM
I have just shut the machine down from the logout menu 6 times and it powered up again just fine from each attempt.

After the 7th shutdown I experienced the same problem. Turn the machine on wait for the kubuntu progress bar to finish, the cursor (swirling circle) appears and then literally just before the login screen should appear the screen goes black!!

At this point I have no control over the keyboard and I cannot ssh into the machine or ping it!

This really is an annoying problem as it happens only sometimes. These exact machines have been successfully running Kubuntu 6.10 Edgy for over a year with no problems. What is it with half assed releases??

We're all trying to install confidence in users migrating to opensource desktops. Issues like this aren't helping one bit.

Could this issue be that kdm is creating a lock file (.X0.lock) and it's not getting deleted during some shutdowns?

Again any help with this will be much appreciated.