View Full Version : [kubuntu] Sound suddenly gone

September 1st, 2008, 10:11 AM
Ok, I'm surfing, listening to a streaming radio station via Audacious as I have been doing for the last 2 weeks, when I shut down audacious to hear something on the tv. Afterwards, I try to restart audacious and I get nothing...zip...nada. It freezes. So I kill it and try to start amarok. It clearly plays the stream with no problem, except that there's NO SOUND coming out. I can see the sound meter jumping all over and the title of the track displays, but it's totally silent. I try vlc and the same thing happens...files will play, but I get no sound. I check my speaker volume, and it's unchanged. I turn it all the way up to make sure. No sound. So I go to the system menu and choose the sound section and click on "test sound" (I'm in KDE) and I get nothing. I change from "autodetect" to alsa, still nothing. Pulse Audio...nothing.

I also rebooted and still the problem persists.

All I did was shut down audacious and now I cannot get the sound to work at all.