View Full Version : [ubuntu] MozPlugger is opening midi files in MPlayer

Johnny K
September 1st, 2008, 05:11 AM
Firefox handles .mid files with MozPlugger. My /etc/mozpluggerrc file has the following lines:

audio/mid:midi,mid:MIDI audio file
audio/x-mid:midi,mid:MIDI audio file
audio/midi:midi,mid:MIDI audio file
audio/x-midi:midi,mid:MIDI audio file
controls noisy stream: timidity -Od "$file"
controls: playmidi "$file"

However, when I visit a website that tried to load a .mid file in the background I get an error from Gnome MPlayer saying that it cannot open the file.

Does anyone know why this could be? I know plenty of people have had problems with background midi files in the past.