View Full Version : [ubuntu] icon specific right-click menus

August 31st, 2008, 08:49 AM

Don't really know what to call this but it's been annoying me since I installed Hardy.

When I right click on something on my desktop, eg a blank disc, or a usb drive, I get a menu of standard choices, then, a fraction of a second later, a some extra choices appear - e.g. for a blank disc, the option to 'copy disk' will appear, or for a dvd, the option to 'play with movieplayer'

These options are inserted into the original menu, and in making the list longer, push some of the original choices further down the page.

The problem is that my PC (dual core AMD64 6000) isn't fast enough when doing this. I've already identifed the option I wanted from the original menu, and am about to click on it, when the desktop moves the option I wanted because it has added another into the list.

I would like to either:

a) disable this behaviour as it is really annoying
b) find some way to speed it up so I don't have to live with the lag.

Any suggestions?