View Full Version : [all variants] mplayer video output

August 31st, 2008, 02:43 AM

I have noticed one thing in mplayer about video outputs and subtitles. It seems most people recommend using -vo xv, but I noticed the subtitles are rendered in the same resolution as the video then, even in fullscreen, and that makes the subtitles quite ugly with low-res movies. When I use -vo gl subtitles are rendered MUCH nicer for low-res movies. (-vo gl2 gives the same result as -vo xv)

I have found one thread where someone mentions this, but nothing else:


In my opinion this is an quite big problem, and its strange almost no one has noticed, or is it just me?

So, is anyone experiencing this behaviour too and also, are there any disadvantages in using gl output instead ov xv?

Thanks in advice