View Full Version : [ubuntu] Finally ..finally ...after an entire month of trying ..I got it installed!!!

August 30th, 2008, 06:39 PM
After failure after failure ...after loosing data and watching Ubuntu destroy every OS I have on my system...success at last!! :)

I am still at a loss with the partitioning issue ...and very very agravated that I had this much struggle to get across this hurdle!! If someone could just tell me what does Ubuntu want!! If was to explain how I finaly got it installed I would be at a loss ...countless googling ...countless reading of manuals ..trying this..trying that ..I think I just wore out the god dam computer with my persistence!!

I have erased my HD countless times ..I have formatted and re-formatted the HD ad-nuaseum!! In the end I went out and bought a new HD ..just to be sure. I have given Ubuntu every chance to have its way ...to do what it will with my HD during installation with countless failures. And when that fails I tried to do it manually. What does Ubuntu want me to do for it to install?? Why was I getting "can't find root directory" messasges? It can be so easy were someone ....somewhere to explain this extremely simple process?

And my frustration was compounded by the fact that I was able to install XP, OPEN SUSE and MANDRIVA .....at will ... but not Ubuntu. When the system boots it looks for scripts, programs on certain section of the HD ...I get it ...its just that simple!! Just #@#$%@ Tell me how to make this arrangement!!! :evil:

How did Ubuntu get this popular with its refusal to explain how to make this simple arrangement??

Still I have some questions:

1) How do I check to verify that the distro I have is the 64bit version?

2) I have tried to install the 64K Blender 3D on my system but can't get it working. It installs, and opens ...but there is no close and minimize icons (top right) ...first bad sign. And though I know to use CTR-Q to exit the program ..I have to use my cursor and drag across the entire screen to get it to go away. whats wrong here ...did I fail to install some plug-in?

3) When you first run Ubuntu you go through a lengthy download of updates.
Are there some updates to avoid installing (through the synaptic manager) ...are there some must haves...do I just install them all?

4) I can't play any video, I popped in a DVD opened the video player ...updated the plug-ins yet I get an error message when I try to play the DVD. Similary I went to YOUTUBE site and got a missing Flash plug-ins. I went to synaptic and installed a series of flash plug-ins ...but its not working ...what gives?

Thanks for your help in advance!