View Full Version : [ubuntu] [SOLVED] latest update for Hardy

August 30th, 2008, 02:43 AM
Folks,just a quick note, downloaded the latest updates as of August 29 and now have no sound and windows have no icons to minimize or close......just when you thought it was safe......
Prior to this update all was running great, does anyone know if there is a way to go back in time. ( still trying to learn this whole system,and still like it better that windows) If I figure out a fix I will post it.

August 30th, 2008, 02:52 AM
Did you update the kernel and do you have proprietary drivers installed (video, sound, etc)?
When Ubuntu boots hit the ESC key to get to the grub boot menu and choose an older kernel.

August 30th, 2008, 03:30 AM
No proprietary drivers the only kernal I have shown is for normal start and recovery. No sound, and lost the initial background ( with heron shape and it will not accept that background if I want to change it) The sound will work for any files on system, but nothing on the internet such as youtube or no opening or closing sounds when starting or shutting down.

August 30th, 2008, 11:32 PM
system has been very unstable, the best solution for me is to back up and reinstall.