View Full Version : [kubuntu] ubuntu 8.04 to kubuntu ibex on a HP/Compaq nx7400

August 29th, 2008, 11:18 PM
So Ubuntu just works...
People, Ubuntu does...but Kubuntu does not (for me, that is). I have tried for many hours today, ordinary cd, alternate cd, whatever. I can start up the live cd, select the install, the install goes ahead, but when I try to start up the new install, I get stuck at the login window, which doesn't react to my internal keyboard nor external usb keyboard and mouse.

I had my hopes up to try the new KDE 4.1, maybe convince a couple of people.

What am I doing wrong?

Base system: HP/Compaq nx7400 notebook with Intel C2D T5500 4GB Ubuntu 8.04
(Yes, it runs absolutely great, thank you!) I am trying to install Kubuntu 8.10 on an external Toshiba 80 GB drive connected wih USB2.0. Grub is installed correctly, I get booted up up to the login window. Which doesn react to keyboard and/or mouse, internal or external (USB)