View Full Version : [ubuntu] Search for files plays music files with the wrong program.

August 29th, 2008, 03:04 AM

My computer is a Tosshiba Laptop and it has installed Ubuntu 8.04.

I installed the music player Audacious and it is the predetermined music player in my computer. Everytime i do click on a music file, Audacious reproduce it without any problem.
Nevertheless, when i use the "Search for Files" program (it is located in the panel) for searching a music file, and I click on this file when the program find it, the music player that plays such file is Totem, and I want it to be Audacious.

I tried to solved the problem giving right click on a mp3 music file, click on "Properties", then "Open with" and from the list I selected Audacious,even, I erased from this list the Totem. Nevertheless, this doesn't work.

I hope somebody can help me..