View Full Version : [ubuntu] Big desktop->1'st monitor out of Sync->can't login

August 28th, 2008, 10:45 PM
I have seen,watched all the solutions here on the forums about ATI Big Desktop. Even followed:
To no avail. It's annoying to look for workarounds all the time for Ubuntu that work flawlessly in XP.

The problem:
I select Big desktop in the ATI CCCenter,
@ this point I can't change the resolution for both my 17" crt monitors. So I'm stuck on a resolution of 2560x1024 which can't be changed.

My Samsung Syncmaster 750 can show a max of 1600x1200 [Default monitor in ATI CC enter]
My Iiyama LS704UT can show a max of 1280x1024.

So after setting the display mode @ 'Big desktop', I'm forced to reboot my system. What happens then is ~f[CENSOR]d~ up! I can't login because my default monitor is out of sync.

Weird though, because as you can see, my default monitor[Samsung] can show a bigger resolution than my second monitor[Iiyama] but this second monitor DOES start up.

How is that possible.
To add to the troubleshoot: I do not have Compiz installed.

Does someone have a clear explanation to this mystery?