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August 24th, 2008, 01:26 AM
I tried to install Ubuntu earlier today (On a new hard drive, new computer, clean new install). I downloaded the text-installer, not the live CD. However, 6% into the installation of base system, it gave me a few corruption errors. I figured it was a problem when I had wrote to the CD. So, I decided to try the live version of Xubuntu. Popped the CD into the drive and it boots up to the menu. However, none of the buttons work. The main buttons, that is. The F1-F6 buttons work, yet when I press install or run from CD without install, or any main menu option for that matter, nothing happens. So, I decided to burn Ubuntu again, this time the live CD version. Same problem! None of the buttons work. I press a button, it sits there (unable to move off the selection for some time) and begins working in drive (I hear the CD spinning), but then nothing happens, and I'm free to move to selections again. Does anyone know why I was given corruption errors, and/or why the buttons don't want to work?

August 24th, 2008, 11:54 AM
Are you burning the Ubuntu CDs in Windows? If so, what program are you using? It sounds like the discs may be corrupted.
Try the free programs Infra Recorder or Iso Recorder:
I used Iso Recorder when I burned my very first copy of Ubuntu 3 years ago. Also, always burn an iso image at the slowest possible speed to limit the possibility of a corrupt disc.
Then verify the md5sums to make sure the disc is ok. There is a Windows program for that also:

Write back if you still have problems.

And welcome to the Ubuntu forums!