View Full Version : [all variants] media player and picture quality

August 23rd, 2008, 11:22 PM
Hi all

For some video encoding format, when I am watching it on "movie player", the picture look (somewhat) like an 256-color gif file or like a "high resolution terrain map"... somehow... (I don't know the technical term to describe it)

This doesn't happen when I was playing the same file on my windows machine. (but I kind of remember it happening when I used VLC player on that same windows machine though.)

Is there some settings I need to tweak to make the picture look better? Or should I install some new codec?


By the way, I have another question. In windows there are a lot of codec packs available (even though many of them contains spyware). My favorite was cole2k codec pack. Too bad they don't seem to have Linux release. Are there any good and "complete" codec pack in Linux, or is Ubuntu's default codec pack good enough to play all video formats (I mean, ALL, I have a lot of video files in all kind of encoding format as old as 10 years old on my old windows machine that I am reluctant to switch to Linux because of this reason. I don't want to use WINE either, doesn't seem very secure to me)