View Full Version : [ubuntu] Playback Volume Issue

August 23rd, 2008, 10:02 AM
Hey folks,

I'm having an annoying problem recording sound. Since the problem seems to be at the OS (or sound card) level, rather than the application level, I'm posting here rather than on the Multimedia Production board. If that's not correct, kindly point me in the right direction. :)

Basically, I can plug my keyboard into the microphone jack of my computer (an HP pavilion laptop, if it matters), and I get very lovely play-through to my external speakers. Opening up any of a number of recording programs, I can see the levels change in the meters, hit record, and play a little diddy. However, when I press stop and play it back, the playback is BLARINGLY LOUD.

No amount of playing with any setting in my volume control panel has made any difference. I can, of course, simply turn down the Master volume when I want to play back--but that's extremely annoying to do when you're flipping back and forth between recording and playback. Similarly, I can adjust the gain on individual tracks, but none of the programs I've tried out will let me set a default Gain level, so I end up doing each track (or worse, clip)'s gain by hand.

The ideal behavior would be that the sound I hear when I record and the sound I hear when I playback are identical. But for the moment I'd settle for close. :)

Any advice?

Thanks in advance!