View Full Version : [other] Tri-Booting XP, Xandros and Ubuntu on EEE PC

August 22nd, 2008, 11:29 AM

I have an EEE PC 1000h 80GB with Windows XP pre-installed. I want to install Linux Xandros (I have the EEE PC ISO for it) and also Ubuntu on seperate partitions.

The issue I face though, is the fact that the ISO for Xandros is a recovery disk, so I assume it would wipe the current XP installation.

I want to split the unused 40GB drive (D drive) into 2 x 20GB, one for Xandros and one for Ubuntu. I guess I could use GParted for this?

I was wondering if anybody knew how I could go about doing this without wiping my current XP install.

Thanks in advance,