View Full Version : [ubuntu] Devede 3.10: Disk usage bar underestimates size of final iso

August 21st, 2008, 09:13 AM
Hello all,

I'm new here and I have a problem, which I hope you will be able to help me out with.

I have some dvd isos which are NTSC and I want to convert them to Pal. But when I load the original iso (which fits on a DVDR), the disk usage bar says it's too big to fit on 4.7 GB disk. So, I have to reduce the video rate to make it fit (99% of disk is used according to the bar). Then I start converting and making the iso. When finished, however, the iso turns out to be 5+ GBs and to big for a regular 4.7 disk. This means that I have to shrink the PAL image in K9 Copy to make it fit on a 4.7. realmad.gif

How come I cannot trust Devede's analysis of disk usage? I have read a Guide saying that the disk usage always OVERestimates the size. But the opposite thing is hapening to me. confused.gif

I'm runing Linux vers. of Devede 3.10. It did not havee this problem with Ubuntu's repository install (2.16). confused.gif

Lastly, how do I keep the original menu? The menu screen is there but I can't navigate on it... cry.gif