View Full Version : [other] mplayer-nogui problems such as requires X?

August 20th, 2008, 06:05 PM
Im trying to install mplayer-nogui on a computer that does not have X. I would like my computer to continue not having X on it so thats why I chose mplayer-nogui. I know for a fact that mplayer can run in the terminal and play audio but I dont understand why when I try to install it that it tries to bring in X11 dependencies as well. (such as x11-utils)

I tried this

aptitude show mplayer-nogui
and it didnt say that mplayer needed those X packages so one of mplayer's dependencies must have a dependency that uses X, but why? Is there a way to stop this? I tried removing the x packages by using - x11-utils (for a bunch of them) at the (Y/n/?) prompt but it just made things look worse.