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August 19th, 2008, 11:32 PM
My Kubuntu (2.6.24-19 --- no upgrades available) box was working on a previous version of the ATI proprietary driver (8.6). I recently installed an nVidia card and got it working.. but alas the card has issues and must be RMA'd. So here is where the fun begins.

I yanked out the nVidia and reinstalled the ATI (Radeon 9800se AGP). After that I booted up and the desktop was normal (had 1650x1080 res.. etc but no accelerated graphics). I then attempted to install the latest ATI driver 8.7. Once installed I got the flicker screen of death. The screen would blink a couple of times.. then just stay dark. Could not ctrl+f1, f2 etc to get to CLI.

I then booted into recovery.. fixed X. Again same resulting desktop. So I pulled up another how to and followed step by step (from the wiki.cchtml site). Once rebooted.. you guessed it. Flicker and black out. So then I decided to boot into root CLI from recovery. Followed the troubleshooting steps from the wiki entry and removed the fglrx drivers et al.

Once completed I attempted again to install via the wiki's instructions.. it failed. So I tried the direct install (you know.. the automated proprietary install)... same result yet again. Remove it again and then tried the opensource. Once installed.. upon reboot.. yup.. I get flicker... then in the left top corner I get (in between flickers):

"fglrx (8.512): Already installed on this Kernel"

So I remove it all (in recovery mode) yet again.. then try the envy install... Same result:

"fglrx (8-6): Already installed on this kernel"

I even tried the old driver 8.6 again and it failed and posted the same fglrx error (for 8.501).

Meanwhile.. If I set the card in System Settings to ATI (fglrx) or (vesa) and hit test.. it fails every time. I am stuck at 1024x768 on my 22" widescreen. I have tried numerous settings in system settings and they all failed... some just flicker then come back saying it won't work.. others flicker for a sec.. then pull up the checker-board backround (B&W) and the large X for a pointer (which will sit there until I ctrl+alt+backspace)

Any help available on this?

August 21st, 2008, 10:55 AM
Bump in the hopes that there's help out there.

August 22nd, 2008, 02:13 PM
Bump yet again. Hoping for some help here....