View Full Version : [ubuntu] Redetect attached displays

August 16th, 2008, 01:56 AM
Hi all,

I'm wondering whether it's possible to get Gnome to redetect the attached displays without rebooting my system. I have a laptop in work that uses an externally attached display, the desktop is shared between the laptop display and the external monitor display. When I remove that display I want the laptop screen to become my main display. Is there a command that will allow me to do this without rebooting/restarting gdm?

Many thanks...

August 16th, 2008, 07:54 AM
I run my laptop in a dock and something like this would be amazing!

August 17th, 2008, 05:10 PM
My PC was shutdown yesterday and when I turned it back on it no longer recognized my Compaq FS740 monitor and my gdm screen resolution is screwed up. Can't get it to detect my monitor again.