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August 13th, 2008, 05:57 AM
well guys thats for this niffty little thread but i require some major help with ubuntu. i just got ubuntu as a gift from my dentist a while back. its the hardy heron version 8.04. i read the book and was really stoked at all the niffty gizzmos and gadgets offered to linux users. well about i went installing this new os as a dual booter. thats when i started having problems. the first thing i did as soon as is messing around with the appearence. i was trying to figure out all the great things i saw in the compiz and c++ programing. well i got some where i guess but the screen remained ultra dim and the sound very quiet even at max. next thing i did was started up the firefox and tested the speed. it was great!...for about 3minutes then the browser was in a constant battle of not responding. another thing is s soon as i downloaded the updates my mouse started clicking places on its own. shutting things down by its self and etc. i found that even restarting my laptop became a hassle due to the fact that the boot loader had duped ubuntu 2-3 times. the list of flaws go on and on. but anyways could anyone help me out? you know give me step by step instructions? or even better if you could help me program it [if you own a computer shop or something]. i really need help because even my other os are feeling the bugs. please contact me at

thanks in advance!

January 26th, 2009, 12:26 AM
Try this go and download virtualbox and give your virtual OS (Ubuntu) half of your ram to run. the problem could be that you dont have the ram necesary to handle running 2 OS at the same time mines got 2 GIG of ram and it runs XP just fine. maybe you just have less than a 1 GIG or 1 GIG of ram. One last tip top use compiz you need a lot of ram maybe even 2 or 3 plus a graphics card if not like a game in a computer will not run properly. I hope this helps you.