View Full Version : [all variants] Is it possible to make a bootable usb stick with multiple OS on it?

August 12th, 2008, 11:57 PM
For all that reply... thanks in advance.

I have a 8GB usb pen drive and want to put several boot cd images on it so that i can, insert it into any computer before startup, choose to boot from the usb, and then select one of the OS on the usb stick to boot into.

I want to be able to choose between kubuntu, wifiway, and another linux based OS that lets me recover windows admin passwords and stuff (i'll call this XP Admin Tool). Oh I also want to keep some of the space on the pen drive just to store data (ideally accessible when running kubuntu from the usb too).

Is this possible??? I think it is but i am struggling to get it to work.

I am a little unsure what would be the best way to partition the usb stick for this. Does each OS need to go on a separate partition? Do i need a separate boot partition? Should the data bit be on its own partion? Do they need to be primary partions? (soo many questions) I know i can only have 4 primary partitions, so 3 OS, 1 data section, and possibly 1 boot partition, doesn't go into 4 primary (and what if i want to add another OS later too). What about their file system type too? fat32 or ext3 (since they are all linux based)? I would want to access the data part from windows too.

Would grub be best to use as the boot loader?

I know there are a lot of questions here, but any advice / instructions / help would be much appreciated.