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November 11th, 2005, 05:33 AM
I'm making a list of linux's with short definitions describing them for a server tutorial; something to show all the advantages and disadvanteges of a certain distro in one line or two. I don't have much knowledge in anything other than ubuntu so I don't want to be spouting BS and ignorance.

Please give me permission to use it as well...I just don't want to run into some awful legal issue.

Thanks a whole bunch to anyone who contributes!

BTW, I'm not looking for a complete list....I only need the heavy-hitting distros.

November 11th, 2005, 05:48 AM
Perhaps the best server distribution that I've used is Fedora Core. It's simple, it's lightweight, and it's morphed from Red Hat.

As a remote server, Fedora is fast, light, and stable. Everything web based needs to be configured (firewall, web server, database). I see this as a feature because you have total control over what goes onto your server and how it's run. Moreover, it doesn't accidentally block anything that you would like to have access to. Also, the install lets you choose each and every package you would like installed on your system.

If you're looking for a distro that has a fully integrated GUI, is ready out of the box, and requires little to no hands on work to install packages, this distro is not for you. Fedora relies heavily on the CLI, as well as on after installation configuration. Yum is to Fedora what apt-get is to Debian, though it doesn't have as nice of a GUI front end as Synaptic. If you're a novice to Linux looking for a server, Fedora might not be for you if you're the one setting it up.

By the way, the book Setting Up Lamp by the guy from The Web Freaks (http://www.thewebfreaks.com/) bases its installation off of Fedora. It's a great book for anybody looking to set up a LAMP server, or even a LAPP server (PostgreSQL instead of MySQL...I prefer the elephant to the dolphin).

Edit: Go ahead and use it :)

November 11th, 2005, 06:46 PM
i think 'virtual' is a word to remember in the serverworld for the future ;)