View Full Version : [ubuntu] Intermittant black background on boot up

August 12th, 2008, 12:52 AM
Hi all,

I've just converted across to Ubuntu, and I'm getting an issue where I will intermittently get a black screen in place of a wallpaper when I boot up. The black screen is completely dead - no icons, screenlets, right-click does nothing, etc. The panels, however, still load, and I'm able to use programs without a problem, so its more of an annoyance than a real problem. Still, it IS annoying. Normally it occurs during the first boot of the system on the day, and a reboot most often fixes it.

I'm using a 2nd Generation Macbook Pro, using the restricted ATI graphics driver that Ubuntu recommended automatically. Compiz & everything else is working fantastically.

Can anyone suggest what might be causing this?


August 13th, 2008, 01:36 AM
So you're saying it takes a little while for your wallpaper to show up, but everything else works?
I ask because for me there's a period of about 10 seconds after logging in where the whole screen is black while Nautilus/Compiz/panels/etc start up