View Full Version : [ubuntu] Why do I need to add differrent users in SAMBA?

August 11th, 2008, 05:30 PM
sorry for the seemingly dumb question.. but i cant help myself.
See I used the samba configuring tutorial on these forums by someone called "stormbringer". the tutorial says that i have to add separate users. what does this mean? what is the significance of this? I'm guessing I should do it if I have other users on my linux PC. (is that correct?)

well it turns out that I do have 2 other users. However I didn't have to add them as users for samba to recognize their usernames and passwords. When I start my XP laptop i went to "my network places" and double clicked on Ubuntu (that the host name of my linux box). I just entered the other user's usernames and passwords and it worked flawlessly. So why did the tutorial tell me that I have to add separate users?