View Full Version : [ubuntu] Evolution does not display all recipients

August 11th, 2008, 01:35 AM
I've been using Evolution for only a few weeks after taking the leap to being 100% Ubuntu 8.04 at work. I've just noticed that when an email is sent to multiple recipients, Evo does not show them - it only shows the first recipient in each of the To: and cc: fields. This means when I hit 'reply to all' the original recipients don't receive my reply.

I notice that if I view the message source, all recipients are listed.

I wondered if the setting in Preferences -> Mail Preferences -> General, 'Shrink.. Headers' (set to 5 as default) might have been causing it, but it makes no difference if I uncheck it.

I'm using Evo on Ubuntu 8.04 running Gnome, connected to an Exchange server.

Any suggestions how to correct this behaviour?

(PS - I also have Evolution synched to my Nokia E61 thanks to the help from this forum.)

- David

UPDATE: I have reported this as a bug, but been sent away. Launchpad #257101

Seems I am on my own on this one...