View Full Version : [ubuntu] how to make wireless Broadcom 4318 work compaq laptop v2607CL

August 7th, 2008, 07:05 PM
I tried to fw cutter method. but it is not connecting.I made it work before but after a fresh install it is not working.

sudo iwconfig
lo no wireless extensions.

eth0 no wireless extensions.

eth1 IEEE 802.11b/g ESSID:off/any Nickname:"Broadcom 4318"
Mode:Managed Frequency=2.484 GHz Access Point: Invalid
Bit Rate=1 Mb/s Tx-Power=18 dBm
RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off
Encryption key:off
Link Quality=0/100 Signal level=-256 dBm Noise level=-256 dBm
Rx invalid nwid:0 Rx invalid crypt:0 Rx invalid frag:0
Tx excessive retries:0 Invalid misc:0 Missed beacon:0

sudo lshw (filtered for broadcom)

description: Wireless interface
product: BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g Wireless LAN Controller
vendor: Broadcom Corporation
physical id: 2
bus info: pci@05:02.0
logical name: eth1
version: 02
serial: 00:14:a5:7b:7c:97
width: 32 bits
clock: 33MHz
capabilities: bus_master ethernet physical wireless
configuration: broadcast=yes driver=bcm43xx driverversion=2.6.20-15-generic latency=64 link=no multicast=yes wireless=IEEE 802.11b/g
resources: iomemory:c0204000-c0205fff irq:20

I gave the ESSID name and wep hexadecimal key password that was stored in my wireless modem+router (netgear) also in network configuration.

still not able to connect? what is the problem?