View Full Version : [ubuntu] What information should I record for future use?

August 7th, 2008, 09:47 AM
I have a very irritating problem.

My computer (a Dell Inspiron 1501) has on it both Windows XP (pre-installed) and Ubuntu 8.04 (installed by me). I keep Windows on it because I need to use Windows sometimes to get onto the Internet either wirelessly or via dial-up modem.

I don't want to trouble people about the dial-up modem in Ubuntu, but I would like to ask about the wireless connection in Ubuntu.

At home, my wireless connection will work perfectly in Ubuntu for a long time and then suddenly not work. The wireless access point will simply not be detected, even though if I reboot in Windows, it'll be recognised immediately. Then, the next day (of which this is one), everything's back to normal in Ubuntu again.

My questions, which are obviously by someone whose understanding is at a low level, are these: are there certain bits of information I can record while the connection's working, so that when it stops working, I can re-enter them and get the connection going again? If so, what should I be recording?

Thanks for reading this,