View Full Version : [ubuntu] Samba Folder Sharing

August 6th, 2008, 07:57 PM
Hi Guys,

I'm running two separate laptops both using Ubuntu Hardy. Attempting to setup some shared folders on the network. I installed samba on Laptop 1 and Laptop 2.

Using the GUI, on both computers I right clicked the folders I wanted to share, went into sharing options and enabled sharing. So far smooth sailing.

Using Laptop 1, I go to "Places > Network" and locate the folder no problems. Double click and it asks for a login and password, which I supply (my username and password for Laptop 2). We're all good. I can see the folder and its contents.

Using Laptop 2 I follow all the same directions, however I get to the login and password, supply the user name and password for Laptop 1 but for some reason it's rejecting it and repeatedly asking me to log in. In both instances, I didn't change what was in the "Domain" section (WORKGROUP).

Is there something obvious I'm missing here? I've never played with shared folders before so I am an absolute newbie on such things...so sorry if this is something dumb.

I would really appreciate any advice people can give on the subject.

Many thanks