View Full Version : [ubuntu] Force a reinstall or debug`

August 6th, 2008, 07:15 PM
I was using the latest version of Citadel and webcit. I had just created a new room and was in the process of adding a mailing list to the room when the system crashed. I now get the following script message when I try to log back in; You are connected to a Citadel server running Citadel 0.00.
In order to run this version of WebCit you must also have Citadel 7.30 or newer.

I have been using Ubuntu for about six months and don't have a good understanding of how to debug this or get it running again. Should I try to debug, and if so how, or is there a way to force a reinstall while keeping the data already in the system?

Maybe I should refine this question; Is there a way with a broken server or whatever software to force a reinstall of any synaptic, I would like to keep the data, but I have backed it up?