View Full Version : [other] eAR Media Center and changing wireless networks

August 5th, 2008, 04:07 PM
The eAR Media Center is based on Ubuntu, so I'm posting my issues here looking for help. I normally run Kubuntu on my HP laptop and I pretty much have everything dialed in there but I'm experiencing a couple head scratchers with this new eAR distro. I know the guys are in Greece right now and there'll be a roll-up release when they get back.

Anyway, here's the issue. I got wireless (wlan0) to work with my home network. I typed in the SSID and selected WPA personal and typed the password and then specified the IP address (DHCP worked once but then wouldn't after a reboot). So it worked. Then I went to Panera and could NOT get the network manager to jump over to use that unsecured network. For one, the dropdown list to select SSIDs flashed the choices for a second and then wouldn't appear again. So I had to type in "Panera". The Password type drop down only has secured choices: 2 for WEP and a WPA personal and a WPA personal 2. No option for none although that may not have had anything to do with it.

My question is: has anyone been able to select between networks with eAR? Mainly between a secure one and a public one? Is there a different network manager I should install?

I've also posted in the multimedia forum my problem with Kaffeine in the Media Center application. I'll keep asking the questions and posting my findings here in Ubuntu land. It'd be nice if there was a Prefix for "eAR MC".