View Full Version : [ubuntu] Taking all my internet!

August 5th, 2008, 02:39 PM

I've had a few problems with Ubuntu before and now i've got it all sorted, Apart from 1 thing.
I use Dual-Boot and I have Windows XP and Ubuntu,
Ubuntu is getting 750KB/s when downloading and Windows XP is getting a lame 20-35KB/s, My internet is shared via 2 computers and 1 laptop, Its a Wireless Enabled Router and Has 3MB Download speed, The computers don't use wireless but the Laptop Does, Although when only MY computer is on the D/L speeds are the same
I think Unbuntu Is taking all my internet..
Any Help would be appreciated as I use Windows XP more than Ubuntu and I download ALOT of stuff on Windows but I can't until I get this problem fixed.
Any Help?