View Full Version : [ubuntu] file sharing via USB between Mac and Ubuntu?

August 5th, 2008, 07:52 AM
I recently encountered a fsck error and then after much deliberation with various Linux forums, I finally evolved this issue into a Grub error 15 while loading the system. Having used Gutsy for the past six months on my old humpty of a DELL laptop, I resolved losing all my files and happy setup and decided to reinstall the OS. I'm certain I am using outdated hardware and had been using Xubuntu and happily had gotten a Linksys pcmcia card to work with bcmxx43 driver after using a USB connection to connect with a modem and get online. Well now after reloading this OS I need to establish an internet connect and download all the updates and drivers and what not from the repositories but my current 2wire modem only has an ethernet connection whereas my old laptop only has either a USB connection or that pcmcia slot for wireless. I have a Mac Powerbook at my disposal and have already downloaded the necessary fwcutter and ndiswrapper targz files but am having a difficulty in sharing these files between these two computers, any advice on getting this info into my Ubuntu OS?

I can find a modem with a USB connection if need be, but I'd rather do this on my own and find some means of file sharing between the Mac OS X and Ubuntu 7.10

August 6th, 2008, 09:04 PM
Place USB stick in Mac machine.
"Share" files to USB stick
"Share" USB stick to Ubuntu machine
"Share" files from USB stick to Ubuntu harddisk

File sharing completed.


Does the Mac have wireless on it? If it does, then you could just share the wired connection with the Dell over the Mac's wireless (basically using it as a wireless router).