View Full Version : [ubuntu] ALS4000 Sound Card and Vent

August 2nd, 2008, 05:07 AM
Hey guys,

As the title suggests this thread revolves around an Advance Logic ALS4000 Sound Card and its use for sound (in/out) for ventrilo (under wine).

I've gotten ventrilo to output sound. The problem is I can't get mic input to be taken in.

I've checked all the standard things: its plugged in (lol), mic input level is at a reasonable level (i've tried the highest).

In ventrilo, I noticed there is no mux to be used (which imo is the problem, but it probably resides in a much deeper issue I have yet to notice).

Mux has no option as well as Line-in.

I've searched and searched, and I saw a few threads close, but to no avail. I kinda need some custom help here, please.