View Full Version : [ubuntu] No video in all but Gnome MPlayer (audio fine)

August 2nd, 2008, 02:29 AM
Hi all;

Rather perplexed. Been thru the sticky posting here: [all variants] Comprehensive Multimedia & Video How-to most of the day, without much luck. (step-by-step on all that seemed applicable)

I do have Youtube and other Flash media streaming just fine.

For DVD or .wmv, only Gnome MPlayer plays the video, everything else plays audio, but nothing for video display (Kaffeine, gxine, MPlayer, Totem, vlc, others as well, I'm sure).

The puter is:

With Ubuntu 8.04 (hardy) 32-bit installed, from Ultimate Edition.

MT6920 Notebook Specifications
Part Number: 1015206RGateway MT6920 Notebook

Processor Intel® Pentium® Core 2 Duo processor T5550
1.83 GHz | 2 MB L2 cache | 667 MHz FSB
Chipset Intel® GM965
Display panel 15.4-inch WXGA (1280 × 800)

Video controller Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
Up to 384 MB of Dynamic Video Memory

Xorg video installed:


I'm not quite a Linux rookie, been running Suse, Mandriva and some other flavors for several years, but a Ubuntu rookie for sure, .DEB packages are totally a foreign thing to me (but developing a rather pleased approach to it all), and its been a few years since I've done Gnome.

All-in-all, very pleased with Ubunto.

In my Suse and Mandriva what I'm running into was normally a codec and xinelib problem to resolve.

I have installed:


And have several libxine1 pieces installed.

But... Why is Gnome MPlayer the only app plays these two types of media? And how the heck do I correct the others???

Obviously, my frazzled brain has left pertinent pieces out from this post - lemme know what they may be and I'll be more than happy to followup with propoer info.

I even had Gxine playing DVD once today... But seems I must have altered something to hose it and rebooted or something... Whamo! no more video.

You've got an Ubuntu needing some assistance, please do jump in and help me UN-hose what I've done... ;)