View Full Version : [ubuntu] Setting up sound so everything works - help!

Ben Carlin
July 31st, 2008, 12:33 PM

Does anyone know of a really good sound setup for ubuntu - Hardy Heron AMD64 - as I do have sound working but when I have both Amarok, Firefox and Virtual Box open things start to go wrong and sound doesn't load properly.

Are there any default options I can put in perhaps that will solve my issue. Also when I plug a microphone in it will record with the simple "Sound Recorder" application after changing the input fro AUX to Line-in but the program Audacity seems to pick up nothing and also "Gnome Voice Control" doesn't work as it gets stuck on the word "calibration".

I'm not sure what the problem is and would really be grateful for any help from anybody!

The sound is just a nightmare on Ubuntu. I love Ubuntu, don't get me wrong but anything to do with sound seems to be a minefield.
I don't understand why there are so many different sound setups I.e OSS, ALSA, Pulse Audio.. It is more than confusing to set this all up correctly. I don't understand why Ubuntu don't just have one main sound setup that just works with everything and that's that. It is all to over complicated and frustrating as once you get something working with the sound another thing goes wrong..

The same is said for the program "Jack Control" which doesn't seem to work but it just doesn't seem very user friendly.


August 1st, 2008, 12:16 AM
Well, linux/GNU/Ubuntu is all about choices, and individuals/groups deciding that they have a better idea about how to go about something so here we are, almost 2 decades later, and the choosing gets confusing. Anyway, you can peruse the guide I wrote here. It may or may not work for you and may confuse you even more but hopefully it will help you get a handle on the sound layout in Ubuntu: