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July 31st, 2008, 11:54 AM
Hey all
I'm soon going to be starting my project/dissertation for the third year of my physics course. Im going to be working on a small part of a simulation to do with radiative transfer and young stars (I wont go into too much detail).
Anyway Im programming in fortran90 and have designed my own very basic, very crude simulation. The output of this is a bunch of trajectories and a corresponding wavelength for each photon which is saved to a file.
What Id like to know is if anyone knows of any good independant 3D plotters or add - ons to fortran that will allow me to display these results visually? I know this isnt specifically to do with my programming code but I'm having trouble doing much with my output data. If possible id also like to add a different colour to the trajectory depending on its wavelength.
The data is simply stored in columns in a .dat file
x y z Wavelength

Cheers for any suggestions