View Full Version : What to do with old laptop?

July 31st, 2008, 04:31 AM
It is hard to believe that my dad bring house a laptop. I believe, as he said, everything works great, except, the case is almost useless, it is terrible broken. So now, all I have is some working hardware, with no case to put them together. --.--! It is not worth it to get a case for it, because that is basically buying another one of the laptop.

I just wondering, is there anything I can do with it and maybe make something cool? it is a Dell inspiron 3500 400MHz 100something Ram, with a few GB HDD. I think it can go to the internet with the wireless card that come with it. but I am not sure. because it doesn't have an AD adepter. So there is nothing I can really do now except taking the hardware out of the breaking case.