View Full Version : [ubuntu] Sound in both Rhythmbox and Firefox

July 31st, 2008, 01:55 AM
Hey guys I am trying to get sound to work when both Rhythmbox and Firefox are open and I am trying to following this guide


but I am stuck on step 2 configuring the asound.conf settings. How do I preform this step? Is there an easier way to get sound to play on both?

Please remember I am an Linux newbie.

Thanks a bunch :)

July 31st, 2008, 02:36 AM
You need to run this in the terminal:

sudo gedit /etc/asound.conf

It probably worth it to mention my computer has problems with pulse audio too. My fix was to essentially use ALSA instead. You can do this by going to System > Preferences > Sound and change all the comboboxes to ALSA. This doesn't actually fix pulse audio, but for me, it just works and thats what I care about most.

July 31st, 2008, 02:38 AM
Yes try ALSA, this should get them both working together.

July 31st, 2008, 03:01 AM
Awesome that worked! Thanks for your help :)