View Full Version : [ubuntu] microphone life playback

July 30th, 2008, 09:47 PM

I'm using Hardy and I am having a problem with my microphone.

It works fine in applications like skype or soundrecorder.
Now I want to listen to the sound from the microphone input right away (I have an external tV card that provides the sound via the mic-input). It actually works fine if I record a movie from it, but I can't listen to it life.

What I tried so far:
Any possible combinations from the "volummecontroll 2.22.0" application
an tried with alsamixer:
under playback I find: master, pcm, mic boo, internal,
under capture: there is mic, but no bar above it! Then I have mic boos, capture, mic, digital, docking, internal

It seems like I just have to unmute it, but I can't find where. Any one got a clue, what I can do?

Any hints are appreciated!!