View Full Version : help with a Python QT crossword program?

July 30th, 2008, 05:46 PM
I found this program to create crossword puzzles - CrosswordPuzzle (http://crosswordpuzzle.sourceforge.net/) - that was created using Python and Qt

it works great but lacks a way to print or export a puzzle to a printable format (for me).

How difficult would it be for someone to implement an export function for it - either integrated or as a seperate conversion script?

(It also doesn't have the function to automatically compile puzzles from a word list but there's this Java based one ( jcrossword (http://sourceforge.net/projects/jwordplay/) ) that is able to do that - I was just unable to get that one to work well enough to print or to show the clues properly, but it compiles the puzzles fine.)

I've looked into this somewhat - trying to figure out a way to convert CrossWordPuzzle's resulting XML file to another format but I'm no programmer.

(I've searched sourceforge and it looks like all the FOSS crossword compiler programs are still in the development stage - I've seen retail versions of them going up to like a couple hundred dollars!)

... obviously, this isn't critical, but if anyone wants to check it out it would be appreciated. thanks