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July 29th, 2008, 02:12 PM
This is a howto for syncing a Nokia 5500 Sport Smartphone with Evolution. Testsystem: Kubuntu Hardy (8.04).

Read this Thread and do what it tells you

"HOWTO: Sync Nokia E-series Phone with Evolution via Bluetooth"

but adjust it as told here:

2. Install required software
It should work with the recommended tools
(I used these: "opensync-plugin-evolution opensync-plugin-file opensync-plugin-syncml opensyncutils multisync-tools multisync0.90")

3. Configure msynctool

Plugin evo2-sync: leave default

Plugin syncml-obex-client:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- (Only for bluetooth) The bluetooth address if the bluetooth mode is selected -->

<!-- (Only for bluetooth) The bluetooth channel to use. `sdptool browse $MAC` to search for the correct channel -->

<!-- (Only for USB) The usb interface number of the SYNCML-SYNC target. use syncml-obex-client -u (you will need access to the USB raw device) to find it. -->

<!-- The string that the plugin will use to identify itself. Some devices need a special string here. -->
<identifier>PC Suite</identifier>

<!-- The syncml version to use: 0 for 1.0, 1 for 1.1 and 2 for 1.2 -->

<!-- if the plugin should use wbxml -->

<!-- The username to use. Leave empty to not require a username -->

<!-- the password for the username -->

<!-- sets the connection type to use. 5 means obex over usb, 2 means obex over bluetooth -->

<!-- If wbxml is enabled, defines wether the wbxml should use string tables -->

<!-- Never send ADD command, but send REPLACE (not needed normally) -->

<!-- Workaround around for mobile phones which only use local timestamps and _no_ UTC timestamps! -->

<!-- Sets the maximum allowed size in bytes of incoming messages (some device need this option set). Example: 10000 -->


<!-- The name of the contacts db. Must be the same as the phones sends -->

<!-- The name of the calendar db. Must be the same as the phones sends -->

<!-- The name of the note db. Must be the same as the phones sends -->

That should match the Phones default sync settings.

Note: You can edit the config file via Multisync-qad Gui
Note: To get your MAC Address using hcitool you have to make your Phone visible, once you got the Address everything works in hidden mode.

4. Sync!
I used (Shell):
msynctool --sync nokia --conflict 2 --filter-objtype note --filter-objtype todo

Note: the Option "--conflict 2" is in my case the only way it works properly. (see "man msynctool")

Thanks to Nailor