View Full Version : [ubuntu] Touch Pad Problem with GatewayMT6915B Notebook

July 28th, 2008, 11:08 AM
Dear Friends,
I have a problem with my Gateway MT6915B Notebook. The TouchPad is no longer working. I have tried re-installing the Vista OS, no solution yet. I can't find the Touch Pad among the devices using Control Panel/system devices. An external USB Mouse works but I still want my TouchPad. Can't call warranty due to location. If you have any idea kindly help out.

July 28th, 2008, 11:42 AM
Have you tried running the Live Ubuntu CD to see if the touch pad is recognised?
It could just be that the device has failed or the cable to the motherboard from the touch pad has become dislodged. If it is still under warranty it will need to be repaired by them, if it is outside of warranty, get a local reputable repair expert to have a look.