View Full Version : [ubuntu] NCH Express Scribe works on old laptop, but not on new desktop

July 23rd, 2008, 05:42 PM
NCH Express Scribe is transcription software which gives the user ability to playback sound files at any speed without altering sound quality, as well as to rewind/fast forward with accuracy. It has a free Linux version, which I installed in my old Gateway laptop, and it works fine. But when I installed it in my Dell Dimensions E520 and loaded some .wav and .mp3 files, it would not play them. When I click on "play", nothing happens. The time clock and the progress bar do not advance, and no sound comes.

Has anybody else used this program? What can I do to get it to work on my Dell?

It was installed using a shell script (scribe.sh). Could someone tell me the terminal command to uninstall it? Perhaps if I try reinstalling it, that may help (although I doubt it :( )