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July 22nd, 2008, 08:19 PM
Hello ;) !

It is my first post on the official Ubuntu forum !
I'm new on your forum .

(In fact, I'm French and I use the official French Ubuntu forum (http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/) )

I developed my first little Gnome applet (opensource) (also usable on xfce (xubuntu) thanks to the XfApplet), which show you how many meters you walk with your cursor on your screen !

here is some screenshots :


Although I'm French, I wrote everything in English ! I think I haven't got an expert level (perhaps you can see it through this thread :lolflag: ), and I do not neglect that I did some mistake in this program, and even in the debian package or the website :( !

If you want to test it, you can download :
_ The source : GCursometer-0.2.1-2.tar.gz [23.1 kb] (http://antoinexp.free.fr/download.php?file=GCursometer-0.2.1-2.tar.gz)
_ The Debian package : GCursometer-0.2.1-2.i386.deb [20.2 kb] (http://antoinexp.free.fr/download.php?file=GCursometer-0.2.1-2.i386.deb)

here is the documentation (explaining how to use) (http://antoinexp.free.fr/projects/gcursometer/index.php?page=doc)

and here is the official website : http://www.gcursometer.tk/ which provides the user records .

Please let me know what you think about it !
Which features should I add/remove ...
Thanks ! :)